Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Lilli Ann: 1956 Suit Advertisement

In the 1950's Lilli Ann suits were available not only at major department stores, but at locally owned shops in small towns as well. This advertisement is from the spring of 1956, and shows a suit called "Carousel" with flared peplum and longer narrow skirt.

The wool worsted fabric of gray and white has polka dots available in either white or red. This illustration can help us to see that the wide peplum was a popular silhouette in 1956 for this brand. There is a double layered collar as well.

The prices for the shop's Lilli Ann outfits ranged from $69.95 to $98.50. The advertisement is quick to point out that this store requires "no money down and 20 weeks to pay, use our budget plan", this being the way women could afford expensive clothing before credit cards made that possible.

This is the 1956 magazine advertisement for this same suit. It clearly shows all of the same elements as the illustration. It also refers to the "Carousel" as being the name of this outfit, with selling price "about $100" (around $870 today). It's ads like these that can help the Lilli Ann collector to date suit styles from this company. Besides the Lilli Ann monthly photo ad in fashion magazines, small store owners would also promote the label for their shop in local newspapers. The shop that published this fashion sketch was located in a southern California town, not far from Los Angeles.

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Joanna said...

What a great little ad! So neat you found it.

Joanna said...

What a great little advertisement! So neat you found it.

Jessica said...

I was wondering if Joanna had seen this yet! Of course she beat me to the punch. Love Lilli Ann suits, and I'm determined to own one myself some day.

Jen O said...

If you want a Lilli Ann, just keep your eyes open, those suits can pop up in the most unexpected places!