Tuesday, May 25, 2010

1950's Vintage Dress Styles: Sew Summer Dresses Now!

Liz Taylor

Janet Leigh

Debbie Reynolds

In the 1950's pre-airconditioned lifestyle, summer cotton dresses were a girl's best friend when it came to being fashionable and comfortable. The three starlets shown here, Liz Taylor, Janet Leigh and Debbie Reynolds are wearing dresses you might find today at a vintage seller, or better yet, sew one up for yourself.

With so many cute cotton print fabrics now online and in fabric stores, you should be able to cut and sew one up this weekend.

Butterick 5350: This is a great vintage style bodice, just change up to a gathered skirt that is 4X your waist measurement for great fullness.

McCall's 5800: a cute sleeveless bodice with gathered skirt

McCall's 2718: The basic fit pattern for those who need to alter their patterns--just add a gathered skirt with a circumference that measures 4X your waist measurement.


Bon Bon Atelier: I love their Liberty prints and other limited edition cottons.

Pintuck Sew: We have some great, splashy tropical and bright prints.

I know you won't find the photos shown here on Pintucks anywhere else, so if you want to use them, please ask, thanks!

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Hottest Dress this Week: Princess Ballerina

Our HOTTEST DRESS this week:

Princess Ballerina style tulle and corset dress in pale peach with twinkle specks of fine glitter, waiting like Cinderella for her prince. This dress is the stuff that dreams are made for....don't wait too long or you'll miss it!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Lilli Ann: into the 1980's

The hey day of Lilli Ann was followed by over a decade of suits and jackets that attempted to retain the status of that brand. However, most of the apparel lacked the original drama of earlier suitings created in the 1940's and 50's. This polyester jacket from the 1980's comes from the declining years of that company. But it seems to draw from past styles with bold geometric color blocking, something we expect in a 1950's suit jacket from Lilli Ann.

This jacket sports some fun details such as applied trim to accent the color areas. It applies a balance that would flatter the wearer, emphasizing wide shoulders, narrow waistline and shapely hips.

A few years later, this well known San Francisco brand would close forever.