Monday, June 23, 2014

Vintage Batik in 80s Styles: Fashion Inspiration

As the fabrics and styles of vintage 1980's fashion filter into current trends, some of the best looks today are from 80's design labels. Topping this summer's trends in both textiles and design are tropical batiks, indigos and tie dye. Simple wrapped sarongs and loose garments were seen then, much as they are today. This is a great look for anyone who sells vintage or wears it.

Boho gypsy looks with exotic accessories can be adapted into any wardrobe, age or size. It's about adding a bit of drama with a far away look.

As a vintage shopper or seller, look for:

TEXTILES: 1980's cottons, silks and rayons with unique indigo, batik and tie dye textile designs. Don't overlook embroidery and applique as well.

SILHOUETTES: Look for anything that wraps, drapes or is over-sized. For most, shoulder pads are 'out' so you may need to remove that detail.

LABELS: Joan Vass, Giordio Sant'Angelo, Armani, Kenzo, Zoran, Ellen Tracy, North Beach Leather, Issey Miyake, Anne Klein, and Donna Karan all produced styles that had this boho-gypsy look.

photos: Wayne Maser Spring 1986 "Vogue"

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Summer Sarongs: Vintage Styles with a Tropical Tiki Look

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50s Hawaiian Sarong DRESS / ...

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This is the perfect time of the year to shop for vintage sarongs. Whether you love the exotic originals by Alfred Shaheen or the many other Hawaiian fashion labels, you are sure to see some amazing textile prints and dramatic draped silhouettes.

This collection of vintage sarongs shows current styles now listed on Etsy. I had a great time looking through the listings for this type of dress. Along the way it also exposed me to some great vintage vendors who have other gorgeous items listed, so feel free to click on the photos to see a dress up close and visit some wonderful vintage shops too.

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Anne Fogarty: New Start for a Vintage Fashion Label

The 'Anne Forgarty' label has long been a fashion find for vintage collectors. Always well made, distinctive and feminine, her designs captured the look for many women over the span of decades between WWII and the late 1970's.

More recently, this brand has been making news and co-founders have been preparing to revive this label in the style that it assumed during its height. Greg Halvorsen first contacted me to get my comments on the historical label. He has kept in contact with many of us who sell vintage or write about it online. Ivana Lo Stimolo, the other co-founder, has designed a set of debut dresses for this revival.

In the current fashion, these new dresses will be available via a Kickstarter pledge campaign that has a 30 day run only this month (June 2014). The Kickstarter site has a nice video and shows photos of each dress, so you can now see what design direction this new company is heading in, HERE.

While I feel that these new designs are lovely, and would be delighted to own and wear any one of them, as a fashion educator, I also would have liked the Kickstarter proposal to discuss the business aspect of this undertaking, so I am left with some valid questions: Who is the targget customer and where will she find this label for sale? What are the retail price points for the collection once it is developed each season? How many designs per season will the company ideally produce? Where will these be produced (off shore or in the US?).

So, my hats off to Halvorsen and Stimolo for venturing in the the fashion arena with a collection that more than hints of vintage quality and style. I hope your venture grows into a solid, dependable brand that we will love to wear.

While waiting for this collection to arrive, look for wonderful vintage items on Etsy under the "Anne Fogarty" vintage label.

Anne Fogarty, c. late 1960's, Cotton Pique

Anne Taylor, c. 1950's, Black Wool Crepe with Embroidery in Black