When I began this blog in the summer of 2008, my purpose was unfocused, aimed at several topics: my shop "Pintucks" in southern California had a sewing class schedule, new inventory in the shop, and vintage related topics to share.  When I eventually closed that little shop and kept only my online sales, my topics tended to keep vintage in the mix. All of this was keeping me busy in addition to my full time career teaching fashion design at the college level. When I left that position only a few years later, I was able to devote more of my time to this blog, my online shop and my vintage collection.

Since then, I have been listing and selling pieces from that collection, as well as finds from local estate sales and other venues.  My collection is difficult to archive, so I hope to widen the inventory list of PintuckStyle and PintuckStudio (changed from PintuckSew) with many of the fabrics and books from my library aimed at fashion and costume topics.

After working with costumes, fashion and teaching all subjects related, I still have an interest in pattern design and sewing, so those topics find their way into this blog, often becoming more of a focus than vintage.

If that weren't enough, I have added a new shop: Silverthorne-Nye, where heritage vintage for men and women in linens and other natural fibers, along with ethnic clothing and textiles are listed. Somewhat kin is my second blog: "Studio, Garden, and Bungalow", with posts directed at those subjects (it's my 'homestyle' blog).

I often receive emails from readers with questions about vintage or sewing, and try to respond to those in a timely manner--often working those answers into blog posts.  If you are interested in using an image or quote from my blog, please contact me first so that I know about it (thank you).

thank you for joining me here, and don't hesitate to leave comments when you have something to add.

contact me at: pintuckstyle (at) gmail

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