Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Sewing a Vintage Style Wardrobe: Pendleton Style Plaid Top Coat from Vintage Pattern, McCalls 7027

The Pendleton jacket that I showed in the previous post: Plaid Top Coat by Pendleton is a classic, but finding a sewing pattern in the same shape can be difficult. This vintage pattern: McCall's 7027 is exactly the style to make a look-alike coat. It dates from 1963, and even shows what is probably a plaid mohair coat on the cover.

This simple back view shows how clean and straight the silhouette was designed.

This view of the pattern pieces shows clearly how this pattern was drafted. The side seams fall straight from the underarms, with the front having a bust dart in that side seam. The center front edge is straight, so the lapel is not extended or pointed. The back is equally straight, with shoulder darts for fit. The sleeve is cut in one piece. The collar is nearly flat, with only a slight curve.

Overall, this pattern seems to be cut in similar style to a lab coat or a long shirt, and that is a possible pattern to use when drafting or creating your own pattern for this style. It might even be cut from a pajama top pattern, if the sleeve is not too baggy or low cut in the armhole.

Another thing great about this pattern is that the style can be made in so many fabrics. Imagine a denim version with contrast top stitching!

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