Tuesday, May 24, 2011

1930's Vintage Fashion: Turn Around to See the Back View

1930 dress
1930's dress
1930's fashion
1930 vintage fashion

Fashion during the 1930's was cut with diagonal bias seams to be smooth and slinky. The back view of a dress was often its best feature. These illustrations are from an old scrap book of mine, so I can't give you the exact dates, however most are from the early half of this decade. These fashion illustrations are just a peek into the wide range of back views seen during that time.

If you are dating a vintage dress that seems to be from this era, check out the back, that may help determine what decade it is from even more than the front view. And if you are going to sew for summer, why not consider adding some back interest to your project, that could make it something special.

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Anonymous said...

I so love that top illustration, with the polo neck and the back surprise.