Monday, May 2, 2011

Royal Wedding Gown: Vintage Inspirations

1950's wedding gowns1950's Wedding Gowns are a source of inspiration for current trends in wedding styles. The royal wedding gown showed this with its lovely lace jacket worn over a classic sweet heart neckline, strapless gown. Most reviews point out the connection between the Grace Kelly gown with its own lace bodice, but a review of current vintage gowns for sale on shows many versions of this style.

Sewing patterns are perfect if you want to create your own version of a lace bodice. You'll notice that many have higher necklines, prim and proper for the bride in 1950! The handmade gown could use a modern sewing pattern for the strapless dress, but a vintage pattern for the lace over-bodice. By using both, a well fit style is possible for a modern figure who may not fit the tiny 1950 waistline.

1950's wedding gowns, lace bodiceIf the bride wants to re-capture a true vintage look, there's nothing like a gown from that era. Shown here are some of the many lace bodice gowns available on Etsy. Necklines can vary from high to a wide cut with lace edging, as most have here. These are so flattering because they widen the shoulder line, making the waistline appear more narrow. This creates the perfect hour glass silhouette.

Not getting married this summer? Well, wouldn't it be fun to use this inspiration to sew up a summer cocktail dress with matching lace jacket? Another more easy option would be to make a black lace jacket to wear over an existing little black dress that you already own. Those long black lace sleeves would be gorgeous!

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Anonymous said...

This is interesting because after seeing so many photo of "the dress" I began to realize that I'd seen dozens of vintage patterns that would replicate the dress very nicely. I love the 2 you found.