Monday, October 19, 2015

Vintage Fashions from Fall 1953

Looking at advertising from a specific year is a great way to see fashion.  This time I'm showing fall, 1953 styles available in small towns across the country at department stores and smaller owned shops on Main Street.

Here is a classic little sweater set that was always in style, 1950's fall fashion at its best.  After buying this set, it's off to the fabric store to find a good matching wool tweed for a skirt in slim pencil style shown in the little sketch above, or nice full circle in a length that seems to be mid-calf for that year.

Choosing a suit would take all day, trying to find the perfect fit, color and style.  In 1953, there was an hour glass silhouette to the jackets, so often a blouse could not be worn under that smoothly fitted shape.

It's hard to believe that any mature woman would be comfortable in such a whittled down waistline with the under garments required to achieve the look, but this coatdress with a tweedy texture in rayon is available in half sizes cut for fuller figures.  It's double breasted with a sailor collar and 3/4 length sleeves with cuffs.

So, 62 years ago, these styles would have been on everyone's list of what to wear, whether they went downtown shopping to buy the style, or bought fabric instead and sewed up their outfit on the Singer at home!


Jessica Cangiano said...

Such swoon-ably chic styles! I especially like the curve hugging suits. They're the epitome of mid-century elegance!

♥ Jessica

Jen O said...

Those suits are wonderful, but they can feel fairly binding when the fit is smooth and tight like that. I think that now we expect to have more arm movement for things like driving and the ability to bend over when we wear a jacket. Perhaps the demands of driving a car on a daily basis for many women has changed what women are willing to wear.

Toni Jo said...

Just have to say I love your posts. The late-late 40s and early 50s is my favorite era in fashion, and your detailed posts make me absolutely gaga. I wish I could find a pristine suit like these!