Monday, November 5, 2012

Cashin: Knits and Girdles in 1961

Bonnie Cashin's fashion style seems so natural, easy fit and easy to wear. But the illusion is often easier to achieve than the reality, as we can see in the foundation garment advertisement from the spring of 1961.

The dress is described as a green and gold striped knit on bright red which is such a modern, 1960's color concept. The knit has a 'natural' fit in the shoulder and body torso. This ad suggests wearing a Maidenform girdle to achieve that slender, effortless looking silhouette. It was promising a newer, more natural girdle of power mesh that would do the job. Where the previous decade had seen a stronger, boned waistline, the early 1960's would lead into a silhouette where natural was the newest look, and Bonnie Cashin was a leader in that field.


Lizzie said...

So how did she keep the garters from showing through???

Jen O said...

Often those girdles where a bit long, like bike shorts, so the garters were tucked up under the edge. The transition between stocking top and garter was concealed under the girdle pant leg. (personal experience on this one, this was an issue that reached crisis level a few years later when the hems went sky high!)