Tuesday, November 27, 2012

The Delineator Magazine: July 1925, Flapper Fashions

Finding a magazine from the 1920's with fashions is always fun, and "The Delineator" from July, 1925 is a good one. Most of this issue has fully illustrated pages that are filled with fashions. Published by Butterick patterns, the magazine was designed to promote their home sewing patterns and keep women up to date on fashion trends.

This version of "The Delineator" is a publication posted online, HERE. This format allows for small image browsing, as well as 'click' close-up views of the page. If you love this decade and want to know more about flapper fashion, this is a great resource to have. It is part of a set of other magazines from this month, assembled to create a news stand for the summer of 1925.

"The Delineator" magazine history, HERE

The News Stand for Summer 1925, HERE, Note: many of the magazines are not available for viewing, but the history overview is still posted on the site.

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