Thursday, October 4, 2012

Sewing Tip: Cutting out a Pattern

I was cutting out a fitting muslin and thought I would share a few tips for making the cutting and marking go faster. First and foremost, I use weights to hold my pattern down when I cut. I think getting away from the labor of pinning is essential! I make my own by filling cute containers and even cups with coins. It's a nice way to use the odd gift mug that you have sitting around unused. I also like tins with lids. If you haven't tried this method, you are in for a big treat, it's sooo easy!

I am making a fitting sample of this 50's inspired coat, Butterick 5824, that is part of a group sew-along at Gertie's New Blog for Better Sewing. I'll be sharing more of this with you as I go along. It's a fun looking coat, and should be easy to sew (no sleeves to set-in!).

Tomorrow I will share a few marking techniques that I like to use. Everyone seems to have their own way of getting those pattern markings on to their fabric, and I will show you how I like to work that out.

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Lizzie said...

My grandmother taught me to use the flatware knives. When I told my home ec teacher that, you'd have thought I'd sprouted horns or something. So at school I had to use pins.