Monday, March 5, 2012

Sewing Tips for Retro Patterns: Butterick 5748 and Butterick 5747

how to sew retro patterns
What we have here are tow popular "Retro" Butterick patterns: 5747 and 5748 with some tips for sewing these vintage style patterns.

The first pattern, Butterick 5747, is from 1960, and has it comes with two great skirt options. We love the wide shawl collar with notches. This pattern should be easy to sew. It has only 4 main pattern pieces: bodice (front and back) and skirt (front and back). The simple bodice is darted for fit, and doesn't have set in sleeves. Either skirt is basic, and both styles button down the center front.

This second pattern, Butterick 5748, is also dated 1960. A "Retro" pattern  with a classic fit bodice with circle skirt. Nothing complicated about it, and there are so many ways this style can go. In the meantime, there's no reason why a narrow fit straight skirt couldn't replace that circle skirt that comes with the pattern, if that is what you want (or a simple gathered skirt as well).

My blog post on FLAT LINING could come in handy when sewing these styles, since either dress would look great with flat lining.

I have another blog post on ”S” DARTS AND FLAT LINING that looks into flat lining in detail, and shows a technique for making well fit bodice darts. The demo dresses are similar to the #5748 dress pattern.

I think you'll find these dresses a good addition to your sewing stock. I look forward to trying these out soon myself!

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Katrina - Edelweiss Patterns said...

Yes, don't you love the fact that Butterick keeps releasing more vintage patterns?

I have used many of their retro designs, and might be using these in the future.

Happy sewing!