Saturday, October 23, 2010

1960's MOD Fashions to Wear or Sew

Sewing dresses can be fun and easier than you think. 1960's fashions have such cute styles that seem very wearable right now. Yes, that center style has a divided skirt! I could see sewing up a few for spring, or even some in heavier fabrics for winter. How cute would these be with leggings and boots?

These dresses are all from vintage BUTTERICK patterns of that era. With so many cool vintage patterns selling on Etsy and other sites online, I think it wouldn't be too hard to look them up for yourself. I find these older patterns have excellent pattern instructions that are easy to work from.

Here are the back views with pattern numbers, so you can get a good idea about the styles.
Would you use a 60's pattern to sew a dress like the ones here?

If you collect or wear vintage, this group of styles dates from Spring, 1967. Using patterns can be a great way to help with dating vintage garments too.


fuzzylizzie said...

Studying vintage pattern envelopes really helped me learn the subtle differences between , say a 1968 dress and a 1966 one. I used to go in thrift stores and study the pattern illustrations, guess the year, then look at the back to see the answer!

Jen O said...

What a fun way to shop thrift stores, in fact that's a great blog idea: "a pattern a day", guess the date!