Saturday, November 21, 2015

Let's Talk About: Fabric and Textile Resource

What is fabric all about? What makes fabric types different? Learning to recognize different fabric types is a huge requirement for anyone who wants to work with fashion.

 To help make this easier, FabricLink has a new website that includes lots of information, with great tips on fabric care and more importantly, there's a great chapter titled Fabric University

Fabric University is a comprehensive resource for learning about all aspects of fabric and textiles.   Whether you need to know about a specific fabric type or how a certain fiber like silk will launder, this is the site to refer back to.

For a career or hobby in a fashion (or interior design) related niche, the basic understanding of textiles is essential.  The FabricLink website can be used to get that education or to supplement a difficult college course in textiles.  If you study it closely you can learn all of the necessary information required to gain increased understanding and knowledge in the field of textiles and fabric.

Fabric University
Fabric Care

"Let's Talk About" is a series of blog posts on Fashion Design that will provide the reader with an overview of important design processes and elements.


Lynn said...

That's a great resource, Jen. Thanks!

Jessica Cangiano said...

Very cool looking site! Thank you so much for sharing about it with us, dear Jen. Both for the sake of my own wardrobe and arguably even more so for the textiles I encounter and sell in my Etsy vintage shop, I am always seriously keen to learn even more about fabrics and really appreciate that you shared this link with us.

Big hugs & happy tail end of November wishes,
♥ Jessica