Wednesday, May 13, 2015

1950 Fashion: Sewing Patterns for Dresses

Vintage fashion for January 1950: a new decade with new styles.  Women were cutting and sewing a whole new silhouette that year.  My sister has kept me well stocked with vintage sewing pattern brochures. This newsprint catalog she gave me has several punched up color pages that I'm sharing with you here.

In 1950 dresses sported the newer sloping shoulders, 3/4 sleeve length and wide hemlines. For many girls it was a good time to sew up new clothes, departing from the tired and well-worn ones that had gotten them through the post war era.

An hourglass silhouette with tiny peplum is accented by turn-back cuffs and standing collars.

Circle and flared skirts with small waisted wide belts.  The rounded shoulders and tiny collars with high necklines keep the bodice demure, except for the bold white turned-back cuffs.

For more mature customers, the top two dresses carry over the diagonal draping and crepe textiles worn during the last decade. The perky red checked gingham number and the red dress are half size with a modern style spin.

Whether trying to date a vintage dress, sew up retro style copy, or just get inspired by fashion from 65 years ago, these pages with over a happy dozen dress patterns are great in both their differences and similarities.

Pattern Numbers shown here: Simplicity
3060--Junior sizes
3061--Junior sizes
3064--Junior sizes
3067--Half sizes
3068--Half sizes
3075--Junior sizes
3076--Junior sizes


Jessica Cangiano said...

Oh my word, it's all I can do to keep from toppling straight off the bed! :) What sublimely pretty early 1950s fashions. I am especially smitten with those that call to mind Dior's endlessly iconic New Look. Something about a full skirt and very nipped/curvy waist, will always quicken my vintage loving heart.

Big hugs & lots of happy wishes for this new week!

♥ Jessica

Jen O said...

Yes, it's probably the 1950's finest hour when the hourglass look is in full swing (pun intended).

Katrina @ Edelweiss Patterns said...

Just gorgeous!! They simply don't make 1950s patterns like they used to.