Friday, May 3, 2013

Get to Know your Serger Machine

If you are learning to use a serger or overlock machine, you may be a bit overwhelmed.  Looking for help?
Try Serger Basics.  It's easy to read, concise and full of good tips on how to use this type of machine.

This pdf file is also great for the experienced serger user.  It has clear diagrams for trouble shooting tension adjustment so your stitches come out even.  For the novice, there is a clear drawing of the average serger (shown above) with each part clearly labeled.  If you use a serger, or plan to, I suggest that you print this pdf article, so you have something to refer to as you get started, or come across little questions when you sew.

This pdf article is part of a wide range of sewing instructions and tips by the University of Kentucky.  It's really an entire sewing textbook available at no cost online.

Serger Basics, Level I:  UK Cooperative Extension Service: University of Kentucky, College of Agriculture, written by Marjorie M. Baker, Extension Associate for Clothing and Textiles.  A full list of articles is available online.

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