Monday, September 24, 2012

Embroidered Folk Wear Tops

Fashion trends are inspired by the 1970's this fall. Peasant blouses and folk wear tunics embellished with embroidery are going strong. The fashions shown here are from 1972. These styles offer fun and inspiring ideas that can be applied to today's tops and blouses.

Machine and hand embroidery is making a come-back too. Embroidery is easy to learn and hand work is as portable as knitting or crochet. If that seems like too much trouble, you can add trims like the lower top seen here. It uses brocade ribbon down the sleeves and front. Vintage trims like this can be found online that would work perfectly in a peasant top. It's details like this that make sewing for yourself so rewarding. Or make this a holiday project and sew up a top as the perfect gift.

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