Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Merle Bassett: 1960's fashion illustrations

These bold and dramatic fashion illustrations were painted in the early 1960's by Merle Bassett, one of the best known illustrators of that time.  His career began in Los Angeles, studying art at Chouinard Art Institute.  He found his first job for Joseph Magnin stores in San Francisco, and later Neiman Marcus in Dallas.  He finally made his way to New York city where he would have a successful career as a fashion illustrator for several decades.

The illustration technique seen here uses strong black ink brushwork over a colored background that was brushed on first within the area, but not defining it precisely.

For more details on his fascinating career, you will want to read his own story, here.


OnePerfectDay said...

These are fabulous!!

Have I mentioned that I love this blog?!

Second Hand Rose said...

Such beautiful drawings, they are amazing! Thanks for Introducing them to us. XxxX

Jen O said...

gosh, thank you for the nice notes.
I still can't believe this amazing artist is so young and still alive (and living only a few hours away from me!)

Lizzie - The Vintage Traveler said...

Fantastic! It truly is amazing how you can get the complete feel for a garment from these inprecise works.

Cheltz said...

Wouldn't these be fun hanging in your home? Instant vintage cred. Thanks for the showcase!