Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Fred Astaire's Shoes: Wing Tip Love!

These aren't just any shoes. They are Fred Astaire's dance shoes from the 1930'S and 40's. They are classic in design and tiny in scale. The leather is finely sewn, obviously custom work. I think the look is inspiring, and on trend right now. Bring on a few wing tip copies, and I'm there!

Looking for a similar cut shoe, I found a great one by Aris Allen in two-tone brown and white that is alot like Fred's version of the wing tip. 

If you want the contrast laced area, here is that version by Aris Allen

For custom work, G-Wing tip has a huge selection of leather colors and types. The skies the limit with this shoe, so you can create your own signature look--now that's a fun idea!

For women's sizing: If you haven't tried on men's shoes before you should do that so you can pin-point what size men's shoe is most comfortable for your foot.  Often this includes wearing thicker socks.

p.s. Fred Astaire's shoes are currently on display at FIDM in Los Angeles, but since FIDM won't allow photos, I had to find the Astaire shoe pic online, but forgot to credit the source (sorry).


Jullianna B said...

I enjoyed reading your blog. I see you offer priceless info. Will definitely come back for more of this.

Lizzie - The Vintage Traveler said...

I enjoyed seeing Astaire's shoes. I hate that it is so hard to find real wingtips in smaller sizes. Several years ago Ralph Lauren had them for women, and I found a pair in my size at a vintage store. I wear them ALL the time, and always get inquires about where I got them. I hope a good shoe company is listening...

Damenfrost said...

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