Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Rudi Gernreich California Fashion Designer: early 1960s fashion designs

Rudi Gernreich sportswear, early 1960s

early 1960s dress, Rudi
Early on, California fashion designer Rudi Gernreich was associated with the young fashion innovators. In these early 1960's designs, his look was clean cut, easy to wear and popped with bright contrast or graphics. The silhouettes forecast the shirt or "A" line shapes that would be widely worn later in the 1960s

These styles show that even common fabrics such as table cloth checks found new fashion meaning under his genius. Although he was working with wovens, during this time many of his designs were wool double knits for Harmon Knitwear.

Prices were above average, with the little striped Harmon Knitwear sailor dress and jacket selling for $65.


OnePerfectDay said...

These are AWESOME!!

Jen O said...

yes, I really like the bold graphic look they have.