Thursday, February 17, 2011

Vintage or Retro? Leaf Prints

Amber GloAn early 1950's pottery company, Stengl, produced a trend setting design in 1954 called "Amber Glo". Part of the charm was the leaf print, almost like a flame with a brush stroke style. When I saw this newly released "Naturewalk" leaf print in 100% cotton fabric pattern by Cloud 9, I saw that same leaf style. This time the leaf is in repeat in an all over motif. What better fabric to sew into a crisp vintage style blouse or throw pillows for the Nelson style sofa?

vintage sewing patternsSimple fashion styles are perfect for busy cotton prints. These vintage sewing patterns are easy to make, and will work into any modern wardrobe. Busy prints need clean lines to show off the colors and details like these patterns do. Start now, and you'll be ready for the first spring day with a new blouse or dress!
A: Vogue 1002, c. late 1970's
B: Butterick 2475, c. early 1960's
C: McCall's 7608, c. early 1960's

Read more about Stengl: Amber Glo design c. 1954

Shop for Naturewalk fabric by Cloud 9: Bon Bon Atlier (also, don't miss their daily blog posts, always fun new things to see!)

Retro or Vintage? 1960's Suit

1960's vintage suitVintage 1960 style suits are back in fashion. Was it Mad Men, or are we just ready to dress up again? It seems that vintage styles just keep inspiring our best designs for Fall 2011. Here Marc Jacobs, who often references his favorite decade de jour has lifted a classic suit silhouette from 1960 an sent it down the runway.
Gorgeous! But wait, don't we have many of the original c. 1960 lovelies still waiting to be worn? If this style speaks to you, don't look further than the vintage shops that carry quality fashions. You'll find the right style, at an amazing price. A British couture suit for only $75? Yes, and isn't this what you really want to wear to dinner with Aunt Jackie when she comes to town next month?

Blue wool tweed suit, c. 1960, Label: Debeuhaw and Freebody, by Appointment to the Queen, Linen Drapers, to H.M. the Queen.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Gloria Swanson: A 20th century 'New Woman'

Gloria Swanson was an early film actress, born in 1899, she lived through the boom years of the film industry. By today's standards, Gloria was far ahead of most women in her day. Her acting career brought fame and wealth to her, giving her the flexibility to work on many projects that would benefit women and others. One of these was her ongoing design partnership with an American fashion company, Puritan Fashion Corp, from 1950 through 1982 (she would have been 83 years old at the time). For Purtain, Gloria designed for the "Forever Young" label, traveling around the country showcasing her styles and giving women advice on style and beauty.

Gloria Swanson's interests were wide: the arts, politics and inventions are included in her roster or achievements. A champion of natural foods, she campaigned in the 1950's for product labeling and food additive legislation. She also championed women on many levels. Politically she would protest tax rates for single people (1972) and supported the rights of senior citizens (1980's).

Overall, many of her achievements are unknown. In the end, she was obviously an amazing 'New Woman' of the 20th century!

The "Forever Young" labeled dresses seen here show Gloria's best fashion design technique: have texture and visual interest at the neckline, and widen the shoulders so that the hips appear more narrow. Add to that a flared skirt or hipline pockets as artful drapery. The pink lace dress above has a trim in bias cording that is scrolled around the neckline and around a flared skirt hem. The blue linen dress has a neckline trim of dyed to matched textured lace with rhinestone details.

Gloria would design dresses to flatter the average woman's figure. She didn't try to cinch in a waist to tightly or cut sleeve too short. These flattering dresses have a great fit for most women, and continue today to be sought after for their 1950's vintage styling that fit a modern contemporary figure.

Find out more about Gloria Swanson:
Harry Ransom Humanities Research Center, University of Texas, Austin:

The Blue dress is currently offered for sale in our shop.
The Pink dress has been sold.

Vintage or Retro? 1950's Cropped Jackets

1950's jacket, red jacketWe love vintage cropped jackets with contrast trim. A recent article in the NYTimes compared 'retro' (copies of vintage) to vintage (truely old), as the cheaper alternative. Really? Here at Pintuck Style, we have noticed a distinctly higher priced product at such stores at Anthropologie. Case in point: our cute little 1950's red cropped jacket with grey banding for only $35, compared to the grey banded jacket from Anthropologie at $148. And the retro version isn't even a natural fabric (the red jacket is a lush scarlet wool). So what do you think? Isn't vintage worth the hunt?

You can score this cute bolero style cropped wool jacket at our PintuckStyle shop on Etsy, but be quick about it, this isn't going to last long at that price!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Edwardian Corsets, styles from 1900

Here are a few corset ads from the early 1900's to inspire you. There are many ideas to use when sewing summer tops, garden party dresses or even an awesome Steam Punk gown! As spring approaches, wedding, prom and summer styles borrow so much from these lingerie looks.


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