Monday, August 2, 2010

Vintage Fashion: 1950's Shelf Bust

The shelf bust in vintage fashion is always a fun style to see. It is nearly daring, a bit outrageous, and always eye-catching. A recent blog post by Gertie on shelf bustlines presented a great gallery of styles that show a variety of versions. Many are draped, a few are pleated.

I remembered this dress from my California collection, and decided to share it with you. Maybe you will get some inspiration from seeing it up close and personal.

The dress itself is a heavy, crisp black faille, with the same fabric used for the bustline. Its late 1940's or early 1950's flange hip pockets help to balance out this imposing shelf bust and collar in white.

The label says it is "A Filmland Creation" by "Miss Hollywood". I"m guessing if you wear it, you will get discovered, or in the very least mistaken for Jane Russell or Marilyn's cousin, new in town and ready to be cast in a leading roll.


Cindy Sue said...

Oh my gosh, I love it! Jane Russel huh? that could work for me, haha... love your blog, have been visiting, but first time commenting, something I'm trying to get better at for the ones I check out more frequently. Now to go about and do some more snooping on your blog...

DragonLady said...

Oh! That is so beautiful! I'm bookmarking your site for the next time I make a dress -very inspirational.

Jen O said...

thanks for the comments, this has always been one of my favorite dresses!


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