Friday, September 25, 2015

1916 Fall Fashion Advertisement: Cat's Paw Cushion Rubber Heels

Fall leaves blow in this advertisement for "Cat's Paw Cushion Rubber Heels" that dates from 1916.  Published in a women's sewing craft magazine, this eye catching striped skirt ensemble was very popular during that era, and hints of the historical styles from the late 1700's that were so popular then.

The contrast jacket with double breasted buttons and cutaway front is in the style of a redingote from the late 1700's.  It features a little standing collar and turn back cuffs in starched white linen.  Standing collars were often wired to keep their shape up.  The wide picture hat completes her silhouette was also a popular historical inspired accessory.

The skirt length was shorter than it had ever been, being during World War I when textiles were in short supply and women's walking and working demands made adopting this shorter and fuller style desirable.

Modesty required toned stockings or higher cut boot tops as you can see here with the color contrast high buttoned spats worn over her black shoes with French heels (or they might have been tall boots of contrasting leather).

Together, all of these elements create an eyecatching outfit from the mid-teen years.  Hard to believe that this was a century ago,


Lynn said...

I love this, since I love anything with stripes. That cat's tail is pretty great, too.

Jen O said...

The mid-teen years seems to have been crazy for stripes, I like them too.

Jessica Cangiano said...

What a splendidly charming new for a product. I want a pair now simply to say "Cat's Paw Cushion Rubber Heels" from time-to-time. I wonder what became of the brand over the decades?

Big hugs & happy weekend wishes,
♥ Jessica

Jen O said...

Hi Jessica, It looks like this brand was widely advertised during the teen years, and was still sold through the 1940's. As for the name, just try to say it fast 3 times! Hope your weekend is nice up there too.

Maja Ćorić said...

This is actually quite a useful item, no?
The main reason why I can't wear heels for a long time is precisely due to the fact that my heel get sore. This adorable cushion must have been a "save" for the ladies back in the day.