Wednesday, December 4, 2013

1944 RBW Fashion Illustration: Davidow Suits

This ink wash fashion illustration is by RBW and shows Davidow suits for winter, 1944. The signature Davidow soft tailoring is already in evidence by the soft belting and shirt-style jackets pictured here.

I include this Davidow set to reference earlier designs from this label (see previous Davidow post HERE). I also have an earlier post on RBW, the sign-off for Count Rene Bouet-Wilaumez, whose illustrations during the 1930's through 1950's were a signature look for "Vogue" magazine, HERE. On Pinterest I am building a Davidow board with both advertisements and garment photos.

Elsewhere online you can find Davidow posts at "The Vintage Traveler" HERE and at "Past Perfect Vintage" HERE.


Lynn Mally said...

I recognize the drawing style because he did many of drawing of Mrs. Exeter for Vogue. Somehow he made those skinny women look very upper class.

Mark Waldo said...

What phenomenally inked lines! There is a lot of life in them. He's brave to add in faces. It takes talent. Faces force you to really down shift and draw slowly after moving so quickly and freely across the rest of the figure.