Thursday, August 2, 2012

Summer of 1906: The Candid Street photos of Edward Linley Sambourne

These telling photos from the streets of London were taken in 1906 by Edward Linley Sambourne. There is a full collection posted online at the Kensington and Chelsea library. Just viewing these amazingly candid shots brings a sense of humanity to fashion and society from over a hundred years ago. Viewing the collection is a time machine moment.


Second Hand Rose said...

Thanks for these fab photos they're gorgeous! It's lovely to see people's lives so many years ago. XxxX

OnePerfectDay said...

Wonderful collection!
Thanks for the link!

Lizzie said...

These are so amazing. We are so used to seeing people from this era only in styled photos, so these just seem to be so alive.

Jen O said...

I think that there is an intimacy that we don't often see in photos from early eras. But these views really capture the personality of each person so well, like a frame from an early film.


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