Friday, June 8, 2012

Nolan Miller: the passing of an 80's Icon

Nolan Miller, the costume designer whose "Dynasty" costumes for Joan Collins, Linda Evans and Diahann Carroll, among others, changed how women dressed (or at least influenced what they wore to proms during the 1980's) passed away this week. It is interesting to note that he also designed the black gown worn for the character "Morticia" in the "Addams Family" and the glitter gown from "Gilligan's Island" worn by Tina Louse as "Ginger".


Lizzie - The Vintage Traveler said...

Yes, those "power suits" he put on Linda Evens and Joan Collins influenced a whole generation of working women - even us teachers!

Second Hand Rose said...

I adore these drawings, they are beautiful! XxxX