Tuesday, July 14, 2009

The SWIMSUIT, A fashion history book by Sarah Kennedy

Summer seems like a good time to review this book on the history of fashion swimwear, "The Swimsuit" by Sarah Kennedy.

A small sized book, here are over 300 pages of great info packed into that small size. The chapters are arranged to start with earliest forms of swim gear. Every chapter is packed with great photos, posters, postcards, fashion photos and advertisements. These are supported by photos of actual swimsuits of the period. They are displayed on neutral body forms, so the emphasis is on the suit, and not the model.

For both the collector and student of fashion, this book provides probably the most comprehensive collection of images on the subject. This will be useful in dating existing garments, as well as learning more about the subject. Not only are swimsuits shown by decade, but style and regional trends are depicted as well. The book ends with a list of designer biographies, Index, and Bibliography (great list of other swimsuit texts) along with picture credits.

It's a fun read for both the seasoned collector and the fashion novice.

title: The Swimsuit
author: Sarah Kennedy
Carlton Book, London
isbn: 978 1 84442 079 7

We purchased this book online at an independent book seller)


OnePerfectDay said...

I have this book and I absolutely love it!

Jen O said...

Yes, it's the ideal book: fun to look at AND full of great information too!