Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Vintage Fall Color Trends

Vintage Fall Color Report
It seems that everyone is wanting to wear fall color right now after a summer of brights and lights. In vintage fashion this is easy to do, since these styles tend to lean in the direction of traditional colors and textiles. Here is a peek at a few of the fall colors currently hanging on the racks at Pintuck Style.

Our vintage fashions this season are highlighted by this gorgeous late 1940's or early 1950's New Look style wool suit with tons of character and design details. The two cotton shirt dresses are just waiting to take their turn under a cute cardigan.

The color trend shown here comes from the trend service Design Options. This group of tones for Fall is called "Modern Flair". It has the classic range of warm browns through chocolates that we look forward to wearing each Autumn.

Find the vintage styles at Pintuck Style on Etsy
1950's SUIT; HERE
Dark Brown Shirt DRESS: HERE
Light Brown Shirt DRESS: HERE

Find Design Options HERE

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Vintage Detail: Chinese Silk Brocade Robe

Silk brocade tourist robes like this have been produced for a long time. The labor involved in free hand stitching the mock-trapunto yoke, cuffs and pocket is considerable. Serpentine-shaped single needle stitching adds body to the robe, while the satin surface of the brocade reflects the stitching texture in a wonderful way.

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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Vintage Detail: c. 1913 Silk Chiffon Tabard

This silk chiffon tabard dates from the early 'teens when high waistlines and narrow hems were the silhouette. Designed to be worn over a tunic or gown, this very simple sheer shell has bursts of beading on the bodice front, back and skirt hem. The sheer chiffon is bound in black velvet trim around the neckline and along the sides.

The design of this garment is very simple. The bodice front and back are sewn only on the right shoulder, the left shoulder has snaps (seen here with my own pearl head pins to hold it closed). The garment is hooked at each side waistline (see my pins here too). The skirt panels fall without side seams, so they open when walking. I show this tabard over a longer black slip and a white one (both modern) so that the details are be more visible.

The fragile nature of this garment is evident and is typical of gowns from this decade.

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Sunday, September 4, 2011

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Thursday, September 1, 2011

The 18th Century (is) Back in Fashion

VERSAILLE has an exhibition up right now that shows the influence of 18th century fashion on current design. Titled "The 18th Century Back in Fashion" (I find this awkward translation adorable) there is a colorful website devoted to the show that has several great resources. I love the exhibition BROCHURE which has gorgeous photos and designer information. And don't miss the FRENCH VOGUE website with its videos. Even though I can't understand a word of French, the visuals are still stunning!


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