Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Green Garden Party: Vintage Fashion

Etsy treasury
This neat collection of green-ness is a treasury up on Etsy this week called Green Garden Party. It's a cool, crisp way to view spring, I think. Our lime green dress is at the upper left, and it's fun to see it in the group.

Thanks to Toni at Antoinette's Whims on Etsy for finding this dress and using in your treasury!
By the way, have you found this great way to search Etsy?
It's an image search that displays a long mosaic of photos that you can scroll down.
Try entering in a search and you will be amazed what you can find!

Friday, April 9, 2010

Bride's Maids: Vintage Styles for a Wedding

This really lovely storyboard shows a collection of soft and warm images for a bride's maid theme. It comes from Hilary's post titled "Never a Bride" over at If Zombies were Super Models, We'd be Them. She has featured the adorable and very popular (but oddly unsold) handbag with mod flowers from our Pintuckstyle shop on Etsy.

The post is a fun read, and oh so very true about the trauma involved in dressing bride's maids. My advice: only have one. She can wear what makes her look fab, and you will have exhibited exemplary good taste in wedding design.

Friday, April 2, 2010

1960's Dress: Turquoise for Spring and Summer

This crisp dress from Pintuck Style dates from the early 1960's. It was recently featured on JennieOrr's blog. What I really love about this dress are the neat pockets with big hand stitched outlines. How cute is that?

1950's Dress: Cute Cotton with Full Skirt

This wonderful dress from the 1950's was recently featured in a great line up of 50's dresses on Kellyssima blog. Thanks Kelly for the blog mention, love to see my dresses in such good company!

In celebration of being featured, there is a $10 off sale on this dress through the end of April at PintuckStyle on Etsy.


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