Sunday, February 14, 2010

80's Crazy! 1980's Party Dresses

Leopard print CanCan skirt with wrapped corset

There's something about the dramatic cut and sassy style of the 1980's party dress. Of course, there is the nostalgic part in playing dress-up and putting on something great from another era, but there's also the figure flattering body fit too. No matter what you may think your figure looks like, it's going to be even better when you zip into an 80's corset dress.

Isn't there some reason you can find to have your fling in an 80's party look? Surprise mom, dress up for the next Sunday family dinner. You'd better warn your little sis though, or she's going to be really jealous!

Polka Dots with Black Skirt, Polka Dots on a Flaminco Skirt

Vintage 80's Corset Party Dress in Denim and Lace

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

SURPLICE WRAP TOP: Vintage Fashion Wrap Dresses & Tops

Wrapped bodices are an important part of women's apparel and are worn through out history. But there is a real emphasis on crossing fabric across the front bodice during the 20th century. Perhaps it was Paul Poiret who injected this time honored style with a new twist. Certainly his infusion of kimono and other Asian details into western fashion of the 1910's brought wrapping into prominent use for the new century to come.

The vintage fashions shown below are a gallery of surplice styles that date from the 1950's through 1990. You will find that certain eras show a strong style identification with body wrapping, drapery and other forms of garment construction that involve crossing fabric over the bodice front.

The gallery is composed of garments from our collection, those listed in Pintuck Style on Etsy, and others that have sold. I hope it provides you with a new appreciation of the surplice, and how many versions can be created from this one concept.

title photo: detail from a Poiret garment, photo source unknown
Gallery photos:
1- Pink Jersey Dress, c. 1975-80
2- Pink Crepe Dress, c. 1985
3- Red Wool Jersey Top: Michael Kors
4- Black Jersey Dress: c. mid to late 1980's
5- Pink Georgette Dress: c. late 1970's - early 1980's
6- Blue Damask Dress: c. mid-1980's
7- Pink Floral Dress: c. 1960
8- Black Print Matte Jersey Dress: c. mid to late 1980's
9- Pink Jersey Dress: c. late 1940's - late 1950's
10- Purple Wool Jersey Dress: Anne Klein
11- Black Velvet Dress: c. late 1980's

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Monday, February 1, 2010

VINTAGE VALENTINE: Vintage Fashion sees RED

1980's Satin and Lace

Valentine's Day is a great opportunity to bring out the best: romantic dresses and yummie reds. We have here cherry, watermelon, red hots, cinnamon and strawberry reds to satisfy your sweet tooth.

At Pintucks our styles range from outrageous 80's party dresses to soft 50's, 60's and 70's looks that are very wearable to work (get that guy to notice you!). What's even better, is that a little red dress will take you on into spring nicely, just throw on a cardi with boots for now, and you're look will captivate. Later when the weather warms up, you can switch to wearing a cute fascinator in your hair and sandals on your feet. That's a spring look right for just about anything.

1980's Mermaid Dress

1980's Origami Bodice Dress

Find these dresses and more at our shop on Etsy: PintuckStyle.