Tuesday, October 27, 2009

1980's Biker & Boyfriend Jackets

There is a big interest lately in the boyfriend styles worn in the 1980's.  A quick look at the movie "Satisfaction" shows some great examples of how boyfriend jackets were worn, front and center by Julia Robers wearing a tailored jacket that barely reveals her little black dress.  Her girl group leads with a classic leather biker jacket and follows with a short and cute brown leather cafe jacket.

We have great a example of the motorcycle jacket here which we will be listing later this month.  It has all of the vintage moto features: heavy metal zips, belt, wide lapels and all.

What follows is a cute leather cropped jacket with a great fit.  Style details include zig-zag edges around the waistband and cuff edges.  The cuffs can be folded back for a casual look.

Super cute motorcycle jacket with a sleek body fit has a trim band around the hem.  The jacket is fit with several seamlines, to sculpt in the waistline.
We like this for skinny jeans and a boots.

When it comes to boyfriend jackets, this chunky winter plaid in red, green and navy has a fun vintage look.  We show it styled with a belt and rolled up sleeves--how 80's is that?  But we can see it work with a twist of navy scarf, jeans and a burning log in the fire place.  Weekend getaway in the country.  Or maybe just selecting autumn leaves for the holiday table decorations.
This sharp teal knit jacket has a neat deep "V" front, that is very slimming besides having a great style.  These sleeves roll up easily too, and would look great worn with tight jeans or leggings.
All jackets pictured are listed in our Etsy shop, where you can find them along with other styles for fall and winter.