Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Aprons: fight the winter blahs

Well, the holidays are over, and we can settle in for the winter. One easy project to keep busy is to whip up some aprons to wear of give later to friends (who wouldn't love to get an apron on Valentine's Day?).

Finding the perfect vintage fabric can be a chore, but we have posted some cuties on etsy this week that would be great as aprons, whether you prefer the kitchy 40's or 50's type or the more mod 60's apron, you can find a cute cotton here with us.

Now that's going to add some color to your winter blahs!

Maybe the next step is to color co-ordinate with a favorite "T" shirt, then you would actually have an outfit, with a pocketed apron to carry you through the day! You will find more inspiration in our favorite apron book: "A is for Aprons".

Friday, December 26, 2008

Black Cocktail Dresses, Always in Style

We are wanting a dress with glamour and punch this New Year's eve. Designers are showing styles that seem so retro that we found a few in the shop to fit the bill.
All are black, of course, since that seems to be everyone's first choice. But these are not your average "little black dress".

This first black velvet dress from the 1980's has a magnificant bow that is accented by rhinestones in front where the long chiffon cascade scarf flows out from the empire waistline. An entrance making outfit if ever there was one!

A round cut-out back high lights the second dress. This 1980's velvet is ready for parties. That striking back emphasis is perfect for ballrooms and hotel lobbies. Tangos and slow dancing would show off this feature as well.

The third outfit bears a striking resemblence to the famous white dress Marilyn Monroe wore over the air vent in "The Seven Year Itch". That icon of glamour was designed by the costumer and fashion designer Travilla. It is still a very wearable classic today. With the halter neckline and Grecian waist ties our slinky black jersey version is a perfect fit for showing off curves this New Year's eve.