Monday, June 30, 2008

Sewing the 70's


Sometimes vintage fashions and sewing patterns can converge in amazing ways.

Take for example the 70's yellow dress above. It has that classic 70's bodice, derived from ethnic tunics, tied back at the empire waistline to create a terrific fit.

Imagine our suprise, when we found the pattern it was made from (well, not exactly the original pattern, but one of the same). We had found its mate: McCall's pattern #5490.


This view is clearly shown on the pattern envelope, and gosh, it really looks like the drawing (why doesn't that happen more often?).
There is the nice "V" neckline, with open collar, and tunic style sleeves.


So now we know more about this dress than we did when we found it. But the question arises: Do we keep them together, or sell them each apart? This version of the pattern is bigger than the dress, so maybe we will just keep a copy of the pattern with the dress, and a photo of the dress with the pattern.

You can have one, the other or both later this week at our shop (Pintucks Vintage), or drop by the shop on Saturday and get it while it's hot.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Aprons on the Line


We are in love with this book: "A is for Apron" by Nathalie Mornu. This book is too cute for words, yet it packs a wallop of apron info into the contents. We are especially happy to see the pages of original vintage aprons, what inspiration! The content that follows are too many aprons to count, by a dozen designers, so you really get a great variety and style in the mix.

Styles explore the traditional full-body one piece version, along with the popular 50's 1/2 apron style. There are so many creative ideas here, that it would be hard to choose which one to sew first. The fabrics used are fun, funny, cute and snazzy. It will make you want to add to your fabric stash on the next trip out the door.

Here at Pintucks we have several opportunities to sew up a few aprons. Join us to create one for yourself, or plan ahead and whip up some for your BFF Christmas gift.

We include some of our 1952's collection of apron images, direct to you from the archives-




Some of you will notice that we included a wrap-around skirt in the last collage--the big sister of the apron accessory.

("A is for Apron", Nathalie Mornu, Lark Books, 2008, isbn#13:978-1-60059-201-0, isbn#10:1-60059-201-5)

Saturday, June 7, 2008

1940's Vintage Fabric

They say that nothing dates fashion like color and fabric.
These two rayon prints from the 1940's illustrate that very well.
They are soft, drapey and neutral toned, as only dresses in the late 1930's through the WWII years can be. It's easy to imagine this fabric sewn into a simple dress: "A" line skirt, blouse front bodice with short sleeves, bakelite buttons down the front.

Both of these fabrics recall a textile design style from the late Art Deco period that is illustrative and vaguely surrealistic (pastoral scenes sketches in the middle of a flower?). If used today, the fabrics could make wonderful blouses or floaty tops to wear with jeans. Cut into a 1940's vintage style, you would be the best dressed girl at the party.

Both of these priceless prints are remarkably priced at our shop. Check out these and other vintage fabrics as we start to build our online shop's textile selection.