Friday, May 23, 2008

Butterfly Sleeves

This great mid-70's top with angel sleeves is something that can be easily made up for this summer, 30 years later.

1)A quick look at the pattern shapes on the back of the pattern envelope, and it is clearly a simple chemise top(A)gathered onto a lace border(B)across the upper edge.
2)The angel sleeves are really rectangular handkerchief shapes(C), with that same lace sewn around all 4 edges.
3)While wearing the chemise, the rectangles are centered over each shoulder strap and sewn in place.
Now doesnt' that seems fairly quick and easy to do?

If this seems like too much trouble, you can own the original vintage pattern, now selling on our Babylon Mall shop: Simplicity #7569, size L.

Friday, May 16, 2008

Tide Pools

Sometimes it's just as good to look at an ocean abstract as being there--if the going there is too hot and hassle worn. Avoid the car, the gas prices and just wear your tide pool!
We love this print. It's so mid-century modern in its approact: no fussy details, just good clean design.

You can find this one of a kind fashion at our shop in the website. Or, better yet, drop by for ice tea and try it on in person. Another thought is to sew one up yourself. Our vintage fabrics for summer are tropical and bright. The "Audrey" dress would be exactly right for pattern style. Make it this summer, you will love the results.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Mid-Century Mod Summer Top

There was something so modern and right about many of the very simple, geometric cut tops of the early 1960's. Usually cut in one with the sleeve being almost a variation on a kimono style, these tops were perfect for wearing with slim, simple pants or shorts.


What really made these tops great was the carefree use of color and print. It is here that Vera prints, Marimekko, and other textile designs were boldly shown. This silk top has that bright, simple yet effective look.


Making it would be easy with a design like this one from a 1963 McCall's pattern. We love the middle version, with an oh-so-current white hobo bag and neat white flip-flops, she's ready to go. The sleeves are cut in one with the bodice for that nifty kimono sleeve look. A bit of shaping is created by a horizontal seamline across the bodice front, disquising darts within that seamline.


Here's the back view, it's got the views along with patterns, so you can make your own version. (Couldn't this pattern be made from drawing around a simple blouse to get the right shape?)


Vintage Linens

Embroidery and handwork are nearly a lost art, as a surge of computerized embroidery invades the home sewing industry. Back in quieter times, when the evening radio provided entertainment, women occupied their hands with embroidery projects. By the 1930's, iron-on pattern designs in blue dye were available to apply on any plain linen or cotton surface. These designs were often floral subjects. Flowers, leaves and vines bloomed on pillow cases, table cloths, chair arm covers and various bureau cloths.


Finding these linens is becoming difficult. To own embroidered linens is to have a piece of history. Who spent so many hours to create this masterpiece? Were they planning their wedding linens or were these birthday presents?


A bright linen can create color in any room. Whether the bedroom, bathroom towel rack, or center or the dining table, a well chosen bit of hand work is a statement of individuality and aesthetics.


Find the right linen for a Mother's Day gift at our Trunk Show through this weekend. If you can't make it this time, just make an appointment. We are more than happy to share these beauties with you at your convenience.

Vintage Linen Trunk Show:

Thursday, May 8: 5:00-8:00pm

Friday, May 9: 2:00-6:30pm

Saturday, May 10: noon-6:00pm

Monday, May 5, 2008

Greek Inspired

There is a trend for drape elements in fashion right now.
If you are keeping up with fashion, it's nearly impossible not to note the gathered necklines, sleeves and bodices.

This late 70's dress has distinctive crystal pleating that really makes for an elegant Grecian line. The neckline even has the look of an ancient Greek statue. We love the fit and romantic orchid design on the fabric. What could be more perfect for that wedding reception next month?

It is available in our shop at, along with more new dresses to wear now or this summer.