Saturday, April 16, 2016

Color Trends for Vintage: Summer 2016

Current color trends for Summer 2016, as forecast by Pantone show tones that appear in wearable vintage fashions. By grouping a few vintage fashions into the color groups for summer, it's easy to see how fashions from the past can keep up with current trends.

In this first slide, Green Flash is the title that Pantone gives this bright, clear green. It has a 60's or 70's vibe and can be found in many prints from that era.

Buttercup is another saturate tone, showing up from the 50's on as a popular color for summer.

Rose Quartz and Peach Echo are often found together in prints with a vibrant summer look, especially in abstract 60's psychedelic patterns. Rose Quartz brings a more romantic style, seen here in lace.

Lilac Gray is a cool tone, one that we often find in late 70's and early 80's fashions.

Snorkle Blue brings a blue that appears like a Royal Blue, with a warm vibe that is perfect in summer vintage.  The items in the slides above are all from the Pintucks collection: past, present and future. If you see something you like, just ask, it may be available.

You can find more on the Pantone color group HERE.

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