Monday, February 2, 2015

Retro Styled Swimwear: Super Bowl Inspired!

If you watched the Super Bowl half time entertainment, you couldn't miss those cute retro styled polka dot two-piece swim suits worn by dancers. For me, seeing them in such a widely viewed venue signaled a popular acceptance of those retro styled high waisted briefs.

This pin-up style is a fresh look for swim wear in general, after decades of much lower bikini bottoms. While the look has been available for awhile, it has been mostly confined to vintage wearing girls with a flare for Rockabilly or Swing styles. But there it was up on the tube, for all of the world to see as cute, wearable and sexy too.

This selection of similar styles come from a wide range of online sites, two are even from New Zealand, so we know that it's now a 'global thing'.  I hope these inspire your vintage swim look for this spring and summer, numbers starting from top row, upper left corner: 1 & 6--Unique vintage, 2 &,,,,, .


Lynn Mally said...

Good he for global trends! I'm sticking to my tank suit, though.

Jen O said...

I am guessing that for some, this style is as good as a tank, with a more flexible center section!