Sunday, January 4, 2015

New Year's & A New Etsy Shop: Silverthorne-Nye

Good New Year to all of you! I hope that 2015 brings you great luck and fond memories for the years to come.

To start this year off, I have a new shop to share with you on Etsy. After a 6 month preview, I opened a stand-alone shop named "Silverthorne-Nye" where I will be sharing a different type of vintage than my other 2 stores. I have wanted a shop where I can list my ethnic textiles and apparel collection, as well as vintage finds of linen and other natural fibers for both men and women. Silverthorne-Nye was the outcome of that idea.

The shop name was drawn from my 2 great-great grandmothers on my mothers side. These were women of the 19th century who settled the mid-west, running households, farms and small businesses. One of them left a wonderful legacy of documents that trace her ancestry to England and Europe, and for that I am grateful. She also left her silver thimble and homespun coverlet as an indication of her own love of craft and textile arts. I hope both women are pleased to be remembered in this way.

This new venture brings me to a place with this blog where you will find that I am marketing what I sell more often. That was how this blog originally functioned, but in the past 2 years I have done little to feature my Pintucks shops in posts. I will be re-introducing articles that feature my shops.

I realize that many of you would prefer that I continue to focus exclusively on articles with a vintage, fashion or sewing focus. I hope you will excuse future posts with a more commercial aspect and continue to drop by to see what's new here, because I enjoy your company!


Rita Gibson said...

Opening up a shop that tells a little more about your personal taste is a great idea. I'm sure your followers will appreciate the fact that you are exerting effort to get the word out for your new shop as well. Good luck on your new journey, Jen! More power to you and your business! :)

Rita Gibson @ YEAH! Local

Lindsey said...

I love all of the vintage clothing in your shop! You really have a talent for curating and creating collections. I often find it challenging to dig through clothing at consignment shops and thrift stores to find special and unique items. To me, your shop is a collection of all those fabulous finds that I spend hours digging for elsewhere.


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