Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Suits by Adrian: Fashion Illustration from 1951

This newspaper advertisement for fashion designer Gilbert Adrian appeared in 1951. He was at the very height of his career as a fashion designer with a salon that catered to Hollywood's young and fabulous. The fashion illustration is drawn to capture all of the style details that Adrian was famous for, in a layout that uses two suits in different scale, thus calling attention to the larger image. As was common at the time, the artist is not credited.

The copy reads: "British Samer...unsurpassed fabric achieving its perfect conclusion in these Adrian suits. Solid colors as well as a variety of intriguing weaves. $230" department store: Robinson's of California.

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Marilise said...

The details on this Adrian design are fabulous. His customers must have been pretty well heeled. In today's dollars the price would work out to be about $2,100!


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