Monday, January 27, 2014

Sew News: features PINTUCKS Vintage Dresses!

The recent Feb/March 2014 issue of "Sew News" magazine features several vintage dresses from my collection. I was contacted by the magazine this past summer, and finally the feature has appeared. The topic is under lining and inside construction technigues, and the three dresses shown have beautiful examples of this construction technique.

I thought it might be interesting to show a bit more of these dresses, so you can see some of their distinct details. The chiffon dress above features a lovely draped cowl neckline in back. This is attached online at the shoulders, so it can be lifted up to show the dress neckline in back.

The shoulders are pleated, which allows for a large length of fabric to be draped in back.

The blue dress featured in the article has a Japanese influence, with little 'kimono' sleeves, a wide 'obi' midriff waistline and "V" neckline that has many pleats converging into the center front.

An close-up view of this bodice shows these details, while the back view is very plain.

The third dress, in ice blue satin, is influenced by Victorian fashion. While it appears to be a narrow sheath from the front view, the back view has a draped 'bustle' panel cut in a wide half circle. The sleeves and dropped waistline add to the romantic look. This is a princess seamed bodice, with a waistline accent that drops in back to feature the flared skirt there.

The neckline, sleeves and waistline are edged in a fine piping. The sleeve shape and wide neckline are strongly influenced by bodices from the mid-1800's. The semi-circle skirt panel at center back is held in place by a narrow skirt lining. This keeps the front smooth.

These are the three dresses you will find in the magazine article. Inside views of the three are seen in that issue. I hope you are able to get your own copy of the current "Sew News" magazine. It has many other articles (bra making!) that make for an interesting read.

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Lizzie said...

THat's so nice that your dresses were featured in Swe News! And I'm glad they can see how important it is to show details and techniques from the past.