Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Game of Thrones: Embellished Costumes

It's hard to believe that anything this detailed and textured is part of a costume, but it seems that the costumes from "Game of Thrones" are rich with embellished details by Michele Carragher, an English textile artist who has transformed clean and elegant costumes with her rich and vibrant needle craft.

This gown is just one examples. There are many more gorgeous photos on the "Smatterist" by "Leaves of Ivy" that you really need to see to believe. I personally am in love with the embellished and jeweled insects that Ms. Carragher created for several costumes. Each one is a work of art.


Lizzie said...

That is quite unbelievable! You would think the cost would be prohibitive.

Anonymous said...

What beautiful embroidery!