Friday, November 1, 2013

Populaire: Best 1950's Movie Costumes This Year

I'm always open to new films with mid-century 1950's costumes, and "Populaire" is a winner in this category. It's a French language movie with tons of charm topped with sweet 1950s dresses and captivating typing scenes. Yes, typing! As in ancient, old, heavy metal typewriters. Not to give it all away, but the plot swirls around a young woman from the city who lands her first job with a guy who sees the potential for a championship in her swift typing skills.

For us this means we can enjoy a cute story line with lots to see. The two dresses here are part of the fun. Her white collar with the wavy edge is a real show stopper, and the other dress is part of a television commercial that she models for.

Saving the best for last is this coral silk dress with shirred midriff and big bow. You can guess the ending (but why wouldn't it end happily?). Romain Duris is shown here with his leading lady, Déborah François. Bérénice Bejo is the perfectly gorgeous wife with kids married to an American played by Shaun Benson.

The many wonderful dresses and pant costumes are endless, designed by Charlotte David. I was able to find this recently on Netflix: it was released in the US this summer.  Look it up for a fun nite at home!

One last thing: if you are old enough to have learned how to type on those big manual typewriters, you will love this movie for it's spoof on the trials and tribulations of learning to type.

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