Sunday, May 9, 2010

Hottest Dress this Week: Princess Ballerina

Our HOTTEST DRESS this week:

Princess Ballerina style tulle and corset dress in pale peach with twinkle specks of fine glitter, waiting like Cinderella for her prince. This dress is the stuff that dreams are made for....don't wait too long or you'll miss it!


Lizzy said...

Is there any chance i could buy this dress, for my prom?
I have been looking everywhere for a ballerina vintage style dress and this is the only one ive found which i have fallen in love with apart from some ridiculously expnsive ones. If so (God i hops so), could you give me a price/ size guide?? x

Jen O said...

Lizzy: This gorgeous ballet style dress was sold to a bride who wore it to her reception. I wish you good luck in finding one for yourself! You might find one on is where this one sold.