Sunday, February 14, 2010

80's Crazy! 1980's Party Dresses

Leopard print CanCan skirt with wrapped corset

There's something about the dramatic cut and sassy style of the 1980's party dress. Of course, there is the nostalgic part in playing dress-up and putting on something great from another era, but there's also the figure flattering body fit too. No matter what you may think your figure looks like, it's going to be even better when you zip into an 80's corset dress.

Isn't there some reason you can find to have your fling in an 80's party look? Surprise mom, dress up for the next Sunday family dinner. You'd better warn your little sis though, or she's going to be really jealous!

Polka Dots with Black Skirt, Polka Dots on a Flaminco Skirt

Vintage 80's Corset Party Dress in Denim and Lace

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Cafe Observer said...

Many of these look like flirtatious skirts.