Thursday, January 14, 2010

Vintage Fashion: Dresses for Spring

Soft Maxi Dress in Muted Tones, 1970's

This week Pintuck Style Vintage on got a lovely mention on the blog: Creative Mix. Three dresses from the Pintuck's collection were featured. Each one is a signature look--inventive, fun and unique. Throw on a cute cardi til the days warm up, you can have a good time in them right now.

Grass Green Corset Dress, 1980's

Blue Plaid Sheath, 1950's

Thanks Creative Mix, we love the mention, it's fun to share vintage fashion with you!

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Eric said...

It's interesting to see style through the decades. Style has changed so much but not at the same time. The dresses are all similar, but they're all dresses. I really like the 70's dress though. I would wear something like that now.