Sunday, June 14, 2009

Forties Fashion: from Siren Suits to the New Look

BOOK REVIEW: Forties Fashion by Jonathan Walford

"Forties Fashion" is a comprehensive look at woman's fashion trends during the 1940's in Europe, Canada, and the U.S. More than just a fashion picture book, the content covers the era, with well chosen images from popular media.

There are many actual garments shown carefully displayed on white figures. This choice brings a sense of validity to the work, setting it aside from other recent texts where historical fashions are displayed on living models with a great degree of inaccuracy and amateur styling. Garments here are shown with accessories to give a better silhouette of the period.

Most important is the wide scope of apparel shown and discussed, making this a necessary part of any costumer, vintage collector or fashion student's library.

Forties Fashion: from Siren Suits to the New Look
Author: Jonathan Walford

2008, by Thames & Hudson
250 illustrations, 196 in color
208 pages, with Bibliography, Index

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