Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Aprons on the Line


We are in love with this book: "A is for Apron" by Nathalie Mornu. This book is too cute for words, yet it packs a wallop of apron info into the contents. We are especially happy to see the pages of original vintage aprons, what inspiration! The content that follows are too many aprons to count, by a dozen designers, so you really get a great variety and style in the mix.

Styles explore the traditional full-body one piece version, along with the popular 50's 1/2 apron style. There are so many creative ideas here, that it would be hard to choose which one to sew first. The fabrics used are fun, funny, cute and snazzy. It will make you want to add to your fabric stash on the next trip out the door.

Here at Pintucks we have several opportunities to sew up a few aprons. Join us to create one for yourself, or plan ahead and whip up some for your BFF Christmas gift.

We include some of our 1952's collection of apron images, direct to you from the archives-




Some of you will notice that we included a wrap-around skirt in the last collage--the big sister of the apron accessory.

("A is for Apron", Nathalie Mornu, Lark Books, 2008, isbn#13:978-1-60059-201-0, isbn#10:1-60059-201-5)


kristy said...

i love the cover of the "a is for apron" book. it's so pretty.

malphi said...

Oh I like those very pretty, Susannah x

Anonymous said...

Love the pics!