Saturday, June 7, 2008

1940's Vintage Fabric

They say that nothing dates fashion like color and fabric.
These two rayon prints from the 1940's illustrate that very well.
They are soft, drapey and neutral toned, as only dresses in the late 1930's through the WWII years can be. It's easy to imagine this fabric sewn into a simple dress: "A" line skirt, blouse front bodice with short sleeves, bakelite buttons down the front.

Both of these fabrics recall a textile design style from the late Art Deco period that is illustrative and vaguely surrealistic (pastoral scenes sketches in the middle of a flower?). If used today, the fabrics could make wonderful blouses or floaty tops to wear with jeans. Cut into a 1940's vintage style, you would be the best dressed girl at the party.

Both of these priceless prints are remarkably priced at our shop. Check out these and other vintage fabrics as we start to build our online shop's textile selection.

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Anonymous said...

I love the pink and black print not able to find it any where