Thursday, April 17, 2008

Textile Show: Spring & Summer 2009

We went to the L.A. International Textile Show this week. We were hoping to locate our cotton manufacturers and others there, which we did. There were more natural fiber and organic producers than ever. It's no longer 'impossible' to find the more odd bamboo and organic cottons these days, more manufactureres are out there now.

Since we were looking for cottons and patterns that have a vintagey feeling, we gravitated towards those companies we know well: Robert Kaufman, Michael Miller, and Alexander Henry. Where once these companies provided mostly ditzy prints for quilters, they are now hot on the trail of the craft and sewing trends.

We were overwhelmed by the flood of gorgeous prints that are too numerous to show here, but overall, it looks good for fashion and craft sewing in Spring/Summer 1009. Along with vintage inspired patterns, we found the up and coming 'shadow' prints and nature designs so popular at the indy level these days.

Shadow prints are those designs that have a simple flat background printed with single-tone shadow graphics (no outlines or shading to the image). These are 'flat on flat' in appearance. This trend comes from the crude beginings of stenciled designs and single-color silk screen prints first produced by indy artists and designers several years back.

Fabric Collages: top: Robert Kaufman, middle: Michael Miller with Frency interior insert, bottom: Alexander Henry.

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